Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection

As electronics miniaturize and find their way into even the most mundane of items, even lightning strikes far away present risks to more installations than ever before. We have been solving problems due to lightning and grid overvoltage for over 15 years. We design affordable appropriatly scalled lightning protection systems for clients, of all sizes, commercial and industrial entities, aircraft control towers, cellular telephone infrastructures, hospitals and other vital installations.
We have satisfied customers both in Israel and West Africa.

1. Site Visit
We perform a site visit to study the electrical and communications systems, photograph the electric and communication panels, analyze the grounding system, examine the building and its foundations and listen to reports on damages, if such occurred.

2. Design and Written Report
We then design the necessary external and internal protection systems and include this in a written report describing the necessary steps required to protect the building from lightning and grid over-voltages. This report includes photographs with embedded instructions showing where to install each component, a list of at least two comparable elements from two suppliers for each application, and specific installation instructions regarding the wiring of these elements. The report includes a description of the external lightning protection scheme, if such is required, and a price quote for designing such a system.

3. Pre-design
Needless to say, we are capable of designing new installations from ground up. Our electrical design projects include the necessary lightning elements built in. We can also add onto the design of other engineers.

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