Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

We have been consulting and designing in the field of renewable energy since 2007. We have aided inventors of improved small wind and hydro systems to connect to the grid, offer accelerated acceptance test procedures for PV power systems large and small and are instrumental in the growing PV industry, serving on both national and international standardization and research committees. We lecture on PV system design to engineering society members and teach design workshops to various entities including the Israel Electric company School.

We offer due diligence on PV fields for banks and investors and consult and design for aid agencies operating in Africa such as USAID and Chemonics.
We act as Owners Engineers for renewable energy projects; wind, hydro and PV. Our OE expertise in the PV project begins with pre design and initial feasibility continuing on to preparing Request for Proposal and managing the contractor selection process, contract negotiations, supervising the construction, acceptance testing and managing the O&M during warranty period.

Owners Engineers
We act as Owners Engineers for utility grade PV fields, both roof top and open field from tens of kilowatts up to tens of megawatts. Aiding and advising the developer on predesign feasibility through EPC selection, contract negotiations, then on to supervision of the building process, commissioning and acceptance testing.

EPC Services
We offer a full suite of design services to EPC companies, from predesign including PV optimization for FIT or Net Metering schemes, then on to detailed design of the DC strings and inverter matching, DC cabling, AC cabling, AC design and utility interconnection at low, medium and high voltage.

Net Metering
We design and optimize for Feasibility of both FIT and Net Metering regimes.
We have acted as Technical Advisors to financial institutions offering technical due diligence on array sizes from hundreds of kilowatts up to multi-megawatt fields.
We have designed off-grid systems for research sites and are capable of designing residential and commercial off grid systems.

Off Grid and Hybrid Systems
We design stand-alone PV with battery storage systems for both agencies in developing countries and for emergency resilient energy projects in developed countries. We have consulted to USAID through Chemonics on the installation of hundreds of prefabricated pharmaceutical storage units in Malawi, large off-grid pharmaceutical central warehouse in Zambia and designed hybrid systems for supplying both normal daily energy feed-in and emergency power during times of crisis in developed countries where stiff regulations exist for operating islanded systems.



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