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Education, Research & Development

Company engineers are invited to lecture on topics of PV power station design, lightning protection and energy conservation to organizations and educational institutes including the Israel Electric company, the SEEEI, The National Energy Institute, Matrix Greentech College and others, in Israel and abroad.

The company founder serves as the Israeli representatives to the International Energy Agency PVPS task 13 committee on PV efficiency and reliability, leading the activity on long term data evaluation.

The company has received 3 research grants from the Israeli Ministry of Energy & water for the development of a SaaS solution for predicting next day hourly solar PV production on the granular level of the individual urban residential inverter, thereby allowing increased penetration of PV energy into the urban grid by allowing the Utility to view defined neighborhoods as a single power plant vis a vis next day production prediction.

This technology enables performance monitoring for small residential and commercial PV systems that cannot afford currently available professional monitoring systems dependent on sensors and requiring system configuration.

Further developments include a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) for use by distribution grid managers to control the flow of the PV energy produced on their grid, undertaken with a consortium of 5 companies in Israel and Cyprus. Green Power Engineering is the consortium leader of the InforPV program granted under the Solar-Era.net program.

Other research projects include early detection of Potential Induced Degradation (PID) undertaken together with the University of Cyprus in the PVexpert program

Fault prediction is another software service under development, when fully developed downtime of PV systems will be greatly reduced.

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