Israel Railways
Designed lightning protection for different installations around the country, including train/road crossings and central digital switching station.
Arava Power
Consulting during it’s early years on the design and building of utility grade PV plants. Worked alongside statutory and regulatory advisors to achieve tens of provisional licenses, while working to build the first multi-MegaWatt ground based industrial grade PV field in the country.
Israel Electric Co.
Hadera Power Station
Lightning protection design for
monitoring equipment; taught courses in lightning protection and PV design methodology at various Electric Company schools.
Cellcom (West Africa)
Designed lightning protection for national cellular infrastructure in two West African countries.
The Geophysical Institute of Israel
Designed off grid electrical systems for seismic arrays around Israel.
North African Heritage Society
Designed lighting, electrical and communication systems for this 200 year old museum.
Matrix/John Bryce + SEEEI + EDH
Prepared and delivered workshops on designing and running PV power plants, applying energy conservation in the work place, lightning protection for Electrical and communication systems and other topics in Israel, Haiti, Liberia and on internet webinar.
Technical consulting, design and supervision of a 7.5MWp PV power plant, from pre-design through EPC selection, construction, commissioning and then managing the Operations and Maintenance.

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